Investment Education

The Investment Education Project was borne out of one of the goals of Investment One Financial Services Limited to become the leading promoter of investment education in Nigeria dedicated to equipping the general public in Nigeria with the requisite skills and financial expertise to make well informed investment decisions.

While we provide financial services as our core business, Investment education serves as a means of fulfilling our Corporate Social Responsibility. The project’s principal aim is to enhance the financial literacy level of the masses using cost effective means which include but is not limited to the facilitation of free financial planning seminars designed to increase participants’ awareness and appreciation about financial matters.

The idea for the Investment Education project was inspired by the words of Mr Tayo Aderinokun, MFR who noted at the inception of the company that:

A day is coming in the near future, when the house wife or petty trader will need someone to manage their investment. We need to get ready for that day . . . Just as we have seen the change in the country’s banking industry, so I see a change coming on how the average Nigerian manages his/her investment”      —Mr Tayo Aderinokun

Towards the fulfilment of this vision, the Investment Education project was set up to increase the level of financial awareness as well as to enhance the CBN’s objective of improving financial inclusiveness across Nigeria by 2020.

Owing to the prevailing impact of financial literacy on the social and economic well-being of a nation, our Investment Education project is designed to serve as a social enlightenment vehicle, a tool for driving business growth through dissemination of information requisite for making well informed investment decisions and the attainment of financial freedom.


While the holistic objectives of the project include creation of an enduring positive social and economic change, its specific objectives include;

Means of achieving the above stated objectives includes the use of social media, free Financial Planning Seminars, Young Investors’ Hub, the Virtual Investment Simulator and publication of articles in daily newspapers, distribution of fliers and broadcast of investment tips via sms among others.