Risk Profiling Questionnaire

1. When I invest money, my primary goal is to

2. Volatility means how much an investment will fall or rise within a particular time frame. More volatile investments generally offer greater growth potential in the long term than less volatile investments, but they may produce greater losses. How much volatility are you comfortable with?

3. Investments in which the principal is "100% safe" sometimes earn less than the inflation rate. This means that, while no money is lost, there could be a loss of purchasing power. With respect to your investment goals, which of the following is most true?

4. If the value of your portfolio drops by 15% within the first 12 months, what would you do?

5. Consider two different investments: Investment A, which provides an average annual return of 8% with a minimal risk of loss of value, and Investment B, which provides an average annual return of 32% and a potential loss of 25% or more in any year. How would you divide your investment?

6. Please select the response that best completes this statement: Currently, my attitude to loss is such that I would change my investment strategy to reduce the level of risk if my investments with INVESTMENT ONE Funds Management Limited lost_________% in value in any one-year period

7. When is the earliest you anticipate needing all or a substantial portion of your investable assets?

8. Are your total investable assets less than N10 million?

9. If your response to the preceding question is No, is the amount you are investing toward this goal less than 10% of your investable assets?


Risk Rating
Recommended Portfolio Type