The Vantage Balanced Fund (“VBF”) is a balanced mutual fund that was created to maximize long term capital growth and maintain regular income distribution. These funds are invested in Equities, Fixed Income and Money Market Instruments.

The primary objective of the Fund is long-term capital appreciation, which is achieved by investing not more than 70% of the Fund’s assets in equities of blue chip companies listed on The Nigerian Stock Exchange while the remainder of its total assets in fixed income and money market instruments. When you subscribe to the Fund, you are issued with such number of units at the prevailing offer price as is equivalent to the monetary amount of your subscription. The Fund is re-valued at the end of each working day to reflect any changes in the prices of the underlying stocks. This means that the value of your units will change from day to day. The aim of the Fund is to achieve capital appreciation over the long term and such appreciation can be monitored on a daily basis.

The minimum amount which you can invest in the Fund is N10, 000.00.

The minimum subsequent amount that you can invest is N1, 000.00.

Additional subscriptions can be made online via bank transfer into the fund’s account. Also, a cheque or bank draft can be issued and made payable to Vantage Balanced Fund for the amount that you wish to invest. You can also set up a Direct Debit by completing the Direct Debit Form at your nearest bank branch.

There is no minimum amount which cannot be withdrawn from the Fund. A partial or total redemption can be executed on the fund without any charges once you have fulfilled the minimum holding period condition of 180days.

Yes, it is possible to invest for minors, cooperative societies, clubs and corporates.

Yes, every unit holder shall be entitled to receive from the Fund Manager an e-certificate for the number of units purchased by such Unitholder. The e-certificate shall be conclusive evidence of the number of units held.

Unitholders shall be entitled to redeem all or part of the units held by them at the fund’s NAV on any business day upon a request to the Fund Manager. The redemption request shall be processed and effected within 5 Business Days on the receipt of the completed Redemption Request Form.

A fee of 1.5% on the net proceeds is payable on any redemption effected within three (3) months of subscription to the Fund. After these first 3 months, there is no redemption charge.

Yes, many banks will accept units of the Fund as collateral for bank loans. However, this depends on each bank’s lending policy.

At any point in time, the value of your investment = Number of units held X Current Bid Price Per unit (available in leading Nigerian newspapers or our website, https://www.investment-one.com/businesses/mutual-funds/).

The daily prices are available in leading Nigerian newspapers on weekdays as well as on our website, https://www.investment-one.com/businesses/mutual-funds/. As a unitholder of The Fund, it is also possible to view your account online by registering your details on the website and also by downloading our mobile app(IOFS) from Playstore or Apple store.

The Fund is open-ended and so there is no minimum period of participation. However, it is usually advised that, investments in the Fund should be viewed as long-term investments as returns are best optimized over the long term.


Dividends are declared and paid out of the Fund’s income and distributed within 7 Business Days after SEC’s approval of the Fund’s financial results for the financial year. However, investors should note that the main objective of the Fund is capital appreciation.

No, You need to open a domiciliary account as all payments are dollar denominated, hence cannot be credited into a naira account.

Yes, Vantage Dollar Fund is benchmarked against 5 Year FGN Eurobond

The Fund is open-ended and therefore has no closing date

All our mutual funds are regulated by SEC, Vantage Dollar fund is inclusive.

Yes, the Fund is listed in the Memorandum Section of the daily official list of The Nigerian Stock Exchange.

While nothing is guaranteed, The Fund is invested in equities of several blue chip quoted companies in different key sectors of the economy. Consequently, for the Fund to crash completely, the stock prices of all these companies would have to crash at the same time, which we do not believe is likely.

Receiving dividends on your Mutual Fund investment is dependent on your dividend mandate; which could either be for us to re-invest your dividend back into your fund or transfer to bank account provided. If your mandate is for us to re-invest, then you are not entitled to warrants. On the other hand, if your mandate is to “transfer to bank account provided” then your designated bank account will be credited with the value of the dividend warrant.

You can apply as a corporate body/entity or make a joint application. These persons would have to determine their signature mandate.